It’s likely that you’ve been neglecting the garden space of your home of late. After the harsh Covid 19 lockdowns that saw us forced to stay home for months on end, many of us have been prioritising getting out and about. This means everything from catching up with friends and family and frequenting the many great bars and restaurants that our cities have to offer. 

As the desperate need to get away from our homes begins to wear off and we begin to appreciate the sanctuary of our own 4 walls again, it’s likely we’ll cherish the time we spend at home and want to do it more. Why not enhance that experience with a full makeover? 

If you’ve got an eye for decor then by all means go wild, there are plenty of magazines, webpages, and Pinterest boards to get your inspiration from. If your creative side doesn’t come out in the form of perfectly curated rooms then you have a couple of options. Number one, find yourself a friend with a passion for it. 

Chances are their place is already immaculate and they’d be dying to get involved with yours. Or, if you’ve got a bit of extra cash in the budget, you can always get the pros involved. Remember to be selective in your choice of the designer as each will have their own personal tastes to add to the mix. It’s always worth looking through their online portfolios or Instagram collections rather than simply searching for interior designers Melbourne or interior designers Sydney and contacting whoever comes up first or has the best reviews. Ideally, you will look for someone who’s got some experience dealing with garden/outdoor area designs too. There’s an undeniable benefit when the same person brings the vision they have for the inside of your home, out into the garden too.

Whether this is a brand-new project in a new home or simply a spruce-up of the existing situation, you should always aim to work with your external surroundings from the very beginning. Take stock of where the Sun rises and sets in relation to your windows. Take the time to consider the seasons and the climate your area is known for. Heavens knows this will vary considerably across our great big country. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the sunnier parts, it might be time to consider those solar panels. Ensuring you’ve considered the exterior of your home before making any big interior decisions will simplify the flow of your design choice across both spaces. 

Deciding on furniture can feel a little overwhelming. This can often end up quite a costly endeavour, especially if you’re opting for better quality products that are designed to last. It’s highly recommendable that you take as much time as you can afford before making any final decisions. 

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If possible, try to have the majority (if not all) of your pieces picked for a given room before you make any purchases. Otherwise, you run the risk of finding an item you really love but discovering it doesn’t match the other piece you already have for that room. This will be much harder if you’re currently living in the space or already own items from a previous home. Another top tip for picking out your forever furniture is to opt for practicality first and aesthetics second. This is an easy mistake and many of us have made it. It would help if you went for the quality boardroom chairs Melbourne has to offer. If you are sitting for long periods and your back starts to hurt, you’ll find yourself wishing you had chosen the best ergonomic chair Australia has ever seen

Once you’ve got your interior finalised and looking the way you want, it’s time to move on to your garden and outdoor areas. If you’ve managed to get a solid theme going within your home, bringing that vibe outside should be relatively easy. It’s always best to start with your bases and basics. If you’re starting from scratch, for example in a new building, you will have to make some big decisions on the design for the outside of the building. 

It’s a common mistake to opt for a favourite color or a cheaper paint, but you’ll thank yourself later if you give it a little more thought. Ensuring your exterior color scheme mirrors (or at very least compliments) the interior options will help to better integrate the two together. 

Next up is the decking. Every good home is made finer with a decent-sized deck. If you’ve gone for dark and moody tones within, crack out the dark timber stain. Is everything light and airy, have you chosen a minimalist aesthetic? Clear decking oil it is

Once you’re satisfied with the undertones of your outdoor area it will be time to get busy designing the layout and deciding on the main components you want to include. If you’re someone who’s quite the social butterfly and likes to have family and mates over on a regular basis, it’ll be a no-brainer to include a number of seating options and plenty of eating space. 

You’ll want to include the trusty BBQ – the winner in every Aussie home – but if you’ve got the space, you’ll find a wood-fired pizza oven is another great addition – surprisingly easy to install yourself and a winner with the adults and kiddies alike. If you’re more the lone wolf or prefer to keep your home a little more private, you’ll probably find you’re looking for a less is more setup. A hammock is always a fabulous addition to any outdoor area. A great spot to kick back with a beer or a glass of wine and read your book. 

If your style calls for something a little bit more sophisticated, you can always branch out by fitting a hanging chair. These bad boys are the ideal way to personalize a low-key outdoor area. There’s an option for everything from boho to minimalist – the world really is your oyster.

It can often feel like more effort than it’s worth to take the extra time and match your outside to your inside, but the results will consistently pay off. Ensuring you have that perfect foundation on the interior of your home will always make this process substantially easier. 

All that’s left to do is take a step back and admire your final setup.