Mike Tyson – terrifying as ever

Mike Tyson – terrifying as ever

Death, taxes and Mike Tyson are terrifying.

The former heavyweight champion might be 53-years-old, but with one video upload, he revealed to the whole world why he still has the title of the ‘baddest man on the planet’. It showed if he needed to step back in the ring, he could do some severe damage with his deadly power and speed.

In a post to his social networking followers, Tyson worked the pads and body bags, and most individuals are happy it wasn’t them. The incredible clip left jaws anywhere on the planet.

Tyson wreaked havoc throughout his boxing career by placing opponents to sleep regularly as a result of the destructive power in the hands that went along with his blinding speed.

The scary clip came as Tyson declared he was training for a stunning return to boxing and has plans to compete in four-round exhibition fight for charity.

Iron Mike last stepped in the ring back in June 2005, where he had been stopped by Kevin McB and prooved to be the last time he stepped into the ring…..until now that is.